The Work He Has Done


As chair of Cincinnati City Council’s Neighborhoods Committee, David Mann has continued to advocate for citizens across all of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods.  At David Mann’s urging, Cincinnati City Council increased Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) funding. for each active community council to nearly $7,700 per year.

David Mann is incredibly impressed and proud of our friends who organized and participated in the first ever Neighborhood Games, an Olympic-style competition among Cincinnati’s neighborhoods. The Games were funded in part by an Engage Cincy grant awarded at the Neighborhood Summit, and David was honored to help promote and celebrate this great community building effort.

In the 2016 budget, Cincinnati City Council set aside almost $40 million to fund special projects all over the City. Some great examples include funds supporting a Bond Hill – Roselawn Community Partnership, money to maximize the potential of the Oakley Recreation Center, and funds for Westwood Square, a community gathering place, including a park.  We also funded exciting initiatives for Avondale, North Avondale, Madisonville, Walnut Hills, West Price Hill, College Hill, Hyde Park, and OTR.

Affordable Housing

David Mann led the effort to set aside $4 million for affordable housing. Cincinnati City Council dedicated two million of that for affordable housing in Over-the-Rhine to ensure that housing options remain accessible to lower income citizens in our urban core. Just recently, the remaining two million has been made available in a NOFA (a notice of funding availability) addressed to developers interested in increasing our city’s affordable housing in the rest of the city.

David Mann was honored to receive the Affordable Housing Advocates’ 2015 Preserving Affordable Housing Award, and he strives to do his best to remain worthy of the honor.

Wage Theft

Early this year, Cincinnati became the first city in Ohio to pass an ordinance to protect workers from wage theft. David Mann was extremely proud to author this law which provides redress if a worker on a city funded project is not paid or is cheated out of his overtime or benefits. Under the new law, if the City of Cincinnati finds that a company receiving city funding or subsidy is paying workers less than minimum wage, shorting hours, forcing people to work off the clock, not paying overtime or misclassifying ordinary employees as independent contractors, for example, the company will have to return the money and may be barred from doing business with the City. David received the 2016 Bill Kircher Local Legend Award from the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center for my sponsorship of the city’s new wage theft law.

Public Safety 

Cincinnati City Council continues to add uniformed officers in the police and fire services. All patrol officers now wear body cams to provide objective information about incidents. Cincinnati’s firefighters are issued modern bulletproof vests for when saving lives means their lives are put at risk.

Human Services Funding

David Mann continues to advocate increase our funding for human services to 3% of the general fund budget, a goal first established when David was mayor in 1981. Cincinnati now has a total of $3 million dedicated to human service agencies concentrating on unemployment, homelessness, and violence prevention.  During the 2017-2018 budget planning, David was able to ensure $250,000 was allocated to capital improvements for First Step Home.

Childhood Poverty

David Mann has served on the childhood poverty steering committee with the goal of lifting 10,000 children out of poverty in five years. The steering committee was organized by the Mayor and other community leaders to address the poverty and other disparity issues documented in the Urban League’s report, The State of Black Cincinnati.

Preschool Promise

David Mann worked for the better part of two years as one of the co-chairs of the Preschool Promise steering committee.  The successful school levy commits $15 million per year to provide quality preschool for 3 and 4 year-olds in the school district. Private providers will be a big part of this effort. David is convinced it will make a major difference in the prospects for success of our children. Along with his three other co-chairs, David received the United Way 2016 Impact Leadership Award for his work on the successful preschool promise initiative.

Cincinnati’s First Poet Laureate

David’s office worked with the Mayor’s office to find one outstanding resident to represent us as Cincinnati’s first Poet Laureate. Pauletta Hansel of Paddock Hills was chosen because her poetry exemplifies the spirit of Cincinnati and she has done great work promoting poetry appreciation and literacy throughout the City.

Responding to Citizen Concerns

Along with the tireless effort of His City Hall staff, David continues to focus on casework brought to the City’s attention by residents and community councils across the city. In response to your requests, his office has worked with the Administration to repair dangerous water leaks, increase traffic signage at dangerous intersections and in high-traffic business districts, and combat unsightly trash, litter, tall grass and weeds; assisted with landlord/tenant issues; worked with police to identify drug dealing locations and patterns; and reinstalled a streetlight that had been hit by a car in front of an elementary school to keep the area safe for children and their families.

David Mann has a very strong connection and commitment to our community and it’s people. View David Mann’s local endorsements here.