His Vision for the Future

In many ways, Cincinnati is in the midst of a renaissance: OTR’s revitalization attracts national praise; Uptown, Walnut Hills, Oakley, to name just a few, are also sites of exciting new development; we are earning a reputation as an affordable home for tech start-ups; our music and food festivals draw visitors from around the country;  David Mann and Cincinnati City Council launched Compass, a platform of resources welcoming immigrants to Cincinnati; and in its first season ever, FC Cincinnati broke attendance records in its league. We are a destination City now and we should be proud.  With that being said, there is still work that needs to be done.

A city of Cincinnati’s caliber must serve residents from all backgrounds equally, and the City of Cincinnati still has work to do to achieve everything its residents deserve. David took an informal survey via Facebook and Twitter asking for your thoughts on what issues need the most attention in 2017. Improving public transportation topped the list, followed closely by traffic and road safety, updating old infrastructure such as Western Hills viaduct, creating more affordable housing, and ensuring more parking downtown. David has heard you, and he am excited to work with you to reach our shared goals these next four years.


Strong, safe communities are Cincinnati’s most valuable assets, and David is committed to continuing to support them with funding and policies designed to reduce crime and empower engaged citizens to make positive changes.

Cincinnati’s community councils and other neighborhood groups organize events throughout the year that have become annual highlights for many Cincinnatians. David has heard from community councils that the cost of holding special events is creeping up and is in danger of becoming too high to hold the events. With the help of his staff, David is working with the city administration to lower these costs and preserve opportunities for our neighborhoods to gather and celebrate their communities.

Transportation, Parking, and Road Safety

Cincinnati is too big to ignore the need for quality public transportation and parking. People need reliable transportation to get to work to support themselves and their families. Students need it to get to school. David Mann will work with SORTA to improve the quality, route availability, and frequency of our metro bus service. David will keep working with the City to ensure that residents and visitors have ample parking options.

Affordable Housing

Cincinnati has the second highest rate of children living in poverty in the nation and the nation’s third highest rate of people living below the poverty line. This is inexcusable, and David Mann will continue to work with the city administration to seize opportunities to create mixed income buildings, streets, and neighborhoods and to dedicate money and policies to this issue.

Heroin Epidemic

David Mann serves as the City’s representative on the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition. David will pursue four fronts in dealing with this very serious problem – supply control; prevention and public education; harm reduction; and treatment. No neighborhood is unaffected by the heroin challenge. Cincinnati spends thousands to save lives of those who have overdosed. David Mann will work to increase treatment options and to move as many users as possible toward rehabilitation. David believes that in some ways, heroin is Cincinnati community’s most serious challenge by far.


Too many disparities remain between black and white and rich and poor. Cincinnati needs better links between education and the job market. Fewer children should experience the devastating trauma of poverty, neighborhood violence, bullying, pollution, disease, and lack of hope. With your help, David hopes that Cincinnati can take responsibility for each other and make our community even better.